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With a little knowledge and planning, dealing with the DMV doesn’t have to be a painful process. Learn how to skip the lines and keep your sanity when registering your vehicle. California Car Tag Services, Renewals, Change of Ownership, Out of State Transfers, Release of Liability and Vehicle Verifications are conveniently available at:

EZStar Insurance Agency
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Avoid DMV Late Fees

Did you know that the state of California does not have a grace period for registration renewals? Your late fees begin to accrue the day your registration expires. Keep track of when your registration is set to expire and make plans to renew promptly and avoid a cascade of needless late charges.

We suggest you  check the DMV calculator out so you’ll know exactly where you stand in terms of your financial obligations to the DMV.


Renewal Tips

The state of California requires you to renew your vehicle registration on a yearly basis.  If you’ve completed your initial registration in good order and have a current address on file with the DMV, then you should receive a renewal notification letter in the mail well in advance of your registration expiration each year.  This letter will include a special Renewal Identification Number (RIN) that will expedite the renewal process and give you a rough calculation of the taxes and fees you’ll have to pay in order to obtain your renewal sticker.

An insurance lapse can cause problems, so the DMV insurance proof process must be adhered to.

You may renew your registration via mail, in person at the DMV,  online via the DMV’s registration renewal system, or through EZStar insurance Agency.














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